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Oral-Facial Surgical Associates

5 out of 5 stars based on 449 reviews.

Patient Review by J Ruette

Dr. Haspel took such great care with my son Andre' concerning removal of his wisdom teeth. Andre' needs special care and attention due to his dental fears, and Dr. Haspel made this whole procedure very easy. His excellence really made this whole experience an amazing and happy one, and Andre's fast recovery with no problems we credit to Dr. Haspel. Dr. Haspel even rang that night to inquire about Andre'. We highly recommend Dr. Haspel with much love and appreciation to everyone!!!!!!!!!

- J Ruette

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Patient Review by Peter B

Great service throughout. I had teeth #28 and #30 removed by Dr. Haspel in March and then two implants installed in September. No pain either time and minimum bleeding. Dr. Haspel is a very thorough professional. Five stars!

- Peter B

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Patient Review by Kelly

Dr. Haspel and Staff, Dr. Haspel your professionalism and knowledge far exceeds many specialist I've seen before. You are an EXCELLENT oral surgeon and I will be highly recommending you to everyone I know. My visit was incredibly easy and PAIN FREE! I also want to thank you for your wonderful staff that went above and beyond all my expectations. The entire staff is exceptional and I was extremely impressed. Thank you Oral-Facial-Surgical Associates so much for everything you do!!!!

- Kelly

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Patient Review by Donald H.

I had an emergency and received a next day appointment for consultation. I agreed with them and they did extraction right than. I usually don't write these but such a pleasant experience that I feel everyone should know. I couldn't be happier (yes even after seeing dentist) than I am now. Big thanks to all here!!!

- Donald H.

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Patient Review by Donald M.

Very nice staff. Dr. Strauss personaly called the night of the surgery to make sure I was ok. The entire procedure was very professionel.

- Donald M.

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Patient Review by David G

I was dreading having my wisdom teeth removed due to the discomfort after the surgery; but there was only very mild discomfort. I have had worse pain after cavities being filled. Dr. Haspel and his staff are excellent!!!

- David G

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Patient Review by Richard B

From the first visit, the extractions, and and first follow-up visit, everything was more than I ever experienced. Truly a great experience for one who is not fond of visiting a dental office. Everything was just so professional.

- Richard B

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Patient Review by Brianna

I am scared of needles & being put to sleep. Dr. Strauss was able to calm me down & only stuck me one time! Before you know it, I was asleep & had my wisdom teeth out when I woke up. I have already referred my friends for their wisdom teeth to your office. And I have to mention, I loved the skits of I love Lucy & the Dentist, hilarious!

- Brianna

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Patient Review by Michelle

Loved the entire staff & office, I will definitely go back to them if I need anymore extractions or implants!

- Michelle

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