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Oral-Facial Surgical Associates

5 out of 5 stars based on 657 reviews.

Patient Review by Jenna C.

The entire staff was very professional and knowledgeable. They were very friendly and comforting. Dr. Haspel took his time in explaining the procedure to me in great detail so that I was comfortable and at ease. He was amazing with the entire procedure and I didn't even feel the IV needle he placed in my arm! He even answered my after hours phone call when I was being a little paranoid!! I highly recommend going here for any oral surgery, you will be in wonderful hands!!!

- Jenna C.

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Patient Review by Bill D.

I was very comfortable during & after the procedure. Minimum discomfort & back to normal the next day.

- Bill D.

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Patient Review by Joan T.

I recently had to have a tooth extracted and then an implant. Dr.Haspel and all the staff did everything possible to make me comfortable. The best part was that both procedures were pain-free! Dr. Haspel and his staff are exceptional! I highly recommend them.

- Joan T.

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Patient Review by Elana K.

The office staff and nurses were all extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. My surgeon, Dr. Haspel was very professional and pleasant. Requiring oral surgery made me very nervous and anxious, but Dr. Haspel was very comforting and took his time explaining the procedure to me in detail and answered all my questions. My surgery went very smooth, with no complications. From start to finish this was the best possible experience for having all four wisdom teeth removed! I highly recommend Dr. Haspel and the entire staff at Oral-Facial Surgical Associates!

- Elana K.

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Patient Review by Bonnie K.

Dr. Jim explained my options to me..........we chose to remove two teeth, one upper that had broken off in gum line and another bottom tooth with two roots. He explained I should experience some pain afterwards.........He completed his job quickly and I was on my way. Once home I kept ice on my side of face, head raised, and laid in bed rest of day and night.........I drank some fluids, jello, and ice cream........I experienced discomfort but nothing I could not tolerate......never was I in pain and did not take any medication for pain............Upon waking on Wednesday am, ate two poached eggs and took my husband to his Dr.'s appointment........face alittle swollen, jaw kinda sore,, little tightness.................after getting home, enjoyed some applesauce, few small pieces of smoked sausage and rinsed my mouth with salt and warm water..........I think for a person who is 69 years old, and has stitches top and bottom this was a job well done by my surgeon......Dr. Jim...................thank you again, Bonnie Kershaw

- Bonnie K.

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Patient Review by fred h.

5+ Had tooth was all over before I knew it and pain free.Thank you all for a very happy experience

- fred h.

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Patient Review by Barbara H.

What more can I say. It was a very comfortable office visit, considering I had 2 teeth pulled. You can put your fears aside when you visit the Oral-Facial Surgical Associates. I promise that. It's the truth.

- Barbara H.

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Patient Review by KEVIN B.



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Patient Review by Sergio H.

The best dental experience I've had in years. Thank you for taking such good care of me.

- Sergio H.

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Patient Review by Richard P.

Oral-Facial Surgical Associates is, simply stated, the best dental implant center in Florida. If you want or need the very best dental service, visit Dr. Sorrell Strauss and/or his associates. You won't regret it, I assure you.

- Richard P.

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