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Oral-Facial Surgical Associates

5 out of 5 stars based on 878 reviews.

Patient Review by Keith Andersen

Very good attention by Jim and staff. Love the home phone call by the doc. Shows over and above courtesy. You need razors for us hairy guys LOL.

- Keith Andersen

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Patient Review by ConnieSue Romeo

Can I say I didn't feel a thing? I was in and out before I knew it.. pain the following day was expected but to a minimum. I cannot say enough good about the entire process thusfar.....

- ConnieSue Romeo

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Patient Review by Denny S.

As a retired Air Force pilot, I would rather fly a combat mission than go to the dentist, never mind, oral surgeon. However, Dr. Haspel put me right at ease and it was over and done pain free in what seemed like an instant. No post surgery complications at all, took a few Tylenol tablets for some slight discomfort and by the 2nd day was pain free and no swelling. Would highly recommend to anyone requiring extraction/implant procedures.

- Denny S.

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Patient Review by William W

Dr. Strauss and his staff were very friendly and a pleasure to be around. Dr. Strauss did an amazing job extracting my tooth. I called at 8:10am to see if they could get me in to help my pain and I subsequently got a 9am appointment. I had my partial bottom Molar surgically removed yesterday and as of today I still have no pain.

- William W

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Patient Review by Betty W.

Great care!

- Betty W.

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Patient Review by Kevin D.

Great staff, relaxing clean and organized office. Would recommend to anyone !!!

- Kevin D.

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Patient Review by Jeanette D.

My abscess back molar was pulled by Dr. Jim. From beginning to end the procedure was great. Everyone was friendly and efficient. The doctor is a warm and reassuring man and his assistants were kind and helpful. The sedation is amazing. I took a "little nap" and soon was on my way home. I am pain free and have been since the surgery yesterday.

- Jeanette D.

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Patient Review by Danice S.

I would recommend Dr.James Strauss highly. I was in a lot of pain when I saw him and this is the second day and I have no pain.

- Danice S.

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Patient Review by Lisa P.

Awesome place to go as far as the staff doctors and all of their knowledge. If anyone ever asks me for a recommendation I will send them to you!! Thank you for everything that you did to put me at ease and make my experiemce a great one! Keep up the great work, you are all awesome!!!

- Lisa P.

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Patient Review by Steve W.

I had 3 teeth removed and as their last appointment of the day and the team was energetic, personable and professional. I don't know how they did it but I could have gone back to work the next day.

- Steve W.

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