Patient Review by Robert C

I was absolutely "dreading" this dental procedure to remove a wisdom tooth and a smaller tooth. I had several opportunities to ask questions to the staff and Dr. Haspel. The procedure went pretty much like this. I'm sitting in the chair, watching the technician on my left attaching sensors to me for monitoring vitals. I turned my head to the right where Dr. Hasplel asked me if I had any final questions. He was preparing to insert the IV for medication and told me I would feel a cool sensation on my arm. I felt something like a sprinkle of cool fluid on my arm and he said that I would feel drowsy in about 20 seconds. (never felt the needle) I then turned my head back to the left and the technician was taking off the sensors for some reason. I looked at her and she said You're all done". All I could think, was you've got to be kidding me. No Pain at all and it was done in the blink of an eye. It was the single best "dental" procedure I've ever experienced. The following days my wife kept asking me if I was taking the pain medication. I responded with What for? I haven't felt any pain at all, not any small aches or pressures. I just found my favorite Oral Surgeon.

- Robert C

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