Patient Review by Pedro G

With great humility I'd like to express my deepest gratitude to a group of individuals that day-in and day-out do their BEST to make us feel good and important. On Monday March 27th I went to see Dr. Haspel to complete my dental procedure. This is a complicated and delicate operation that Dr. Haspel, together with Michelle and Trisha, make it look and feel easy. Upon arrival Michelle explained in a very simple way the procedure to take place, and that there was no reason to be concerned. Trisha took her time to keep my wife informed during and after this operation. Being treated so well is not something my wife and I are used to, but it is a wonderful feeling. I am grateful and humble to be at the care of the BEST group of people you may come in contact with. On Friday January 6th I took my wife to an appointment with Dr. Haspel to remove her wisdom teeth, and our experience was beyond our expectations. Once again Dr. Haspel, Trisha and Michelle were at their best. Now Leeana blew me away when she went beyond her call to find me a jacket and ear plugs, while waiting for my wife, because I forgot my own at home. Thank you for being so good and authentic to my wife and I, a couple that you barely know. We are and always will be in debt to Dr. Haspel and his staff. Bless you all!

- Pedro G

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