Patient Review by Maryann D

I had Dr. Kaltman for a molar extraction at the Hillmoor office. I'm a nervous nelly with a small pie hole so we decided an IV sedation was a good idea. If you're a chicken like me it was great!! They give you a saline drip, and oxygen. They hook you up to the pulse and heart monitor and a blood pressure cuff which takes your blood pressure every 5 min. You get a blanket if you'd like one to stay warm. The Dr. came in and gave me the IV needle. I was looking at the nice picture on the wall while he was putting in the wedge to keep my mouth open, and I was out. My husband was there with me before the Dr. came in and right as I was waking up. I did have some dry heaving when I got home, but no big deal. 5 or 6 heaves. You definitely need to clear your schedule, b/c you'll be ok after, but not up to doing much. I read alot of the reviews before I went and I wanted to leave a little more of a what it was like review. Today is day 2. I'm up and doing stuff, like walking the dogs. But still taking it easy. This was a simple extraction. If you're getting alot of work done clear a few days off your schedule. I'm happy to have it over and done with and it was a good experience.Thank you to Dr. K and the staff!

- Maryann D

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