Patient Review by cindy c

Had my 4 wisdom teeth removed today by Dr. Haspel, and I was not afraid of the removal, but afraid of the IV "light" sedation. I must say once I got into the room and the sweet gal did computer work and vitals, I now waited for Dr. Haspel. When he walked him, he had a great smile to greet me and I told him my fear and, of course he said it would be fine and immediately commented on my sneakers that he liked and we talking about running. When I think back now, I think this was to get me to calm down and it did. He placed the IV needle in my arm, which I did not feel a thing! He said in 20 seconds I would be "out" and then the sweet gal asked me to open my mouth and that was it! When I woke, I was in the same position and said to myself well, aren't they going to start, or can it possibly be over! Once I got home, I fell asleep for 2 hrs and as of right now, I am doing amazing, no gauze, no bleeding, no pain at all. I am kind of in shock actually that is all went so smoothly and upset at myself to being so afraid in the beginning. THANK YOU Dr. Haspel and every single one in the office, from the girls in reception, to Dr. Haspel's assistant. You are fantastic! BTW, your office is so cute and very clean! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

- cindy c

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